Frequent questions:


  • What kind of people are we looking for?

Person with a tolerant, adaptable and open mentality, and with the ability to integrate and work in a multicultural team, as well as being able to keep the group together.

***additionally, it would be great to have people who have the skill and patience to work with little girls (5-9 years old)

  • How long can I work with us?

We ask for a minimum of 4 weeks (if you get used to it and you like it, we can extend it), we recommend a longer stay, since it would mean an improvement in the quality of the social intervention (pedagogical topics for children, adaptation to the development community, etc. .)

  • Will I have to pay to participate?

our organization requests an economic contribution per month of participation, this contribution helps us keep the project alive and pay the operating expenses of the organization, rent, work materials, as well as the goods and services necessary to continue with our social work.

our organization does not receive any type of financing, we work with our own resources and generous voluntary contributions, we are open to making a discount (or exempting that contribution from the second month) to those people who are friends of the organization, with a great commitment to collaboration and to participate for more than a month.

  • Where will I stay?

You can stay in the house of the organization. It is a comfortable and safe place, where you can share, together with other interns and us, a pleasant and fun coexistence of cultural exchange.
It has drinking water, bathroom, shower with hot water, WIFI Internet, electricity and television.

For more information on contributions, see the “accommodation” section.

  • What type of food is served?

I usually have breakfast, from Monday to Friday. The meals served consist of dishes and foods that are normally consumed in any average Peruvian home, the extra or specialized options (vegan, celiac and similar) are the responsibility of the participant.

  • How do I communicate with my family during my stay in Peru?

Our house has a telephone and international calls can be made by buying a low-cost phone card, in addition, the house has unlimited WIFI Internet.

  • How can I get to the project?

You must first arrive at the Lima airport, and then take a bus to Huancayo from there. The trip from Lima to Huancayo by bus is 7 hours. It is also possible to hire a flight from Lima to Jauja Airport, a city half an hour from the project.

Eventually, if we are available, we can wait for you and escort you to Huancayo from Lima airport.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Perfectly coordinate the arrival and reception, otherwise we will not be able to receive you.

  • health and vaccinations

Before leaving home, please be familiar with the diseases and illnesses common in the places you will visit during your travels.

Vaccination against yellow fever, hepatitis B, tetanus and typhoid is required

  • What is the weather in Huancayo?

The climate in Huancayo is variable depending on the season. The average annual temperature is 18.6 degrees Celsius or 74.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lowest temperature is 4.3 degrees C or 39.7 degrees F. The rainy season starts slowly in October and continues through April. It is necessary to wear light clothes for the day and for the night wear a jacket, sweater and some type of cap.

  • Is the city of Huancayo safe?

Huancayo is a quiet and safe city compared to the big cities on the Peruvian coast, such as Lima, Piura, Ica or Trujillo,

  • Are there ATMs in Huancayo?

ATMs are available in every city in the country for international transactions using various types of cards, such as Visa.

Miscellaneous expenses

Other expenses you incur will largely depend on your lifestyle during your visit. Items and services are about 1/2-1/3 of any item in Europe.

  • Will I be able to travel during my free time?

Yes, absolutely, on Saturdays and Sundays (and Fridays) we organize trips and excursions to many beautiful and interesting places around the project. Because the trips or excursions are non-commercial, you can enjoy freedom while traveling. The guides around the project are free, but on occasions where the trip is relatively long, it is necessary to provide a voluntary contribution to the guide (so that he can pay for his transfer or accommodation).

  • It is necessary to have experience or interest in yoga, mindfulness or spirituality:

Although that would be ideal, you can also request your participation, we also respect the modernity and secularism of people, we are a free project with no affiliation of any kind.